These are some testimonials that have been sent in by users:


Amerikalı bilim adamları tek yumurta ikizleri arasında telepatik bir iletişimin olduğunu tespit ettiler. Çalışmanın detaylarını bu yıl sonunda paylaşacaklarını ve bu sayede çözülmeyi bekleyen bir çok sorunun cevaplarının bulunacağı düşünülmekte…

— Lokus Bilim Ekibi

Ever since I’ve made the switch from NewsPro and other small news scripts to run my site, to a full blown WordPress backend my site has never ran more smoothly. WordPress gives me the options and config options I need to run my site. "It’s also dead easy to change the template, or create your own, which is great because I would be lost if I had to recode the backend to do such things! WordPress is my journal backend solution, and will be for a long time to come. Thanks to the everyone involved, and keep up the great work guys!

— Lokus Bilim Ekibi

Prior to WordPress, I played around with web log applications such as Movable Type (MT) and phpWeblog (pW). I tried setting up MT but found there was a lot of ad hoc programs needed to be installed not supported by the ISP. The second one pW also failed to install properly. I decided to sit and wait for a while, scout for more information. The wait was quite long, about three to six months until I stumbled into a web log containing a mention of WordPress (WP). It took another 4 to 8 weeks of lazily going through the documentation of getting it up and running. Finally, I took the code and was able to install it in less than one hour. Well, there you have it, a working web log named In Principio. Overall, Word Press is the easiest to install and maintain by far. Thanks to the WordPress team.

— Lokus Bilim Ekibi

I needed to set up a full-blown database-driven Web site. I figured if I spent entire weekend on it, it should go live by Sunday night. With WordPress the entire process took about 6 hours, most of which was playing with CSS and reading the documentation to get the tags I wanted displayed.

— Lokus Bilim Ekibi

I took a chance and installed WordPress. As with many cms scripts, I prepared to encounter some challenges with installation and configuration and disappointments in functionality. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how powerful and easy to use WordPress is.

— Lokus Bilim Ekibi